Educational Programme


VDS kindergarten is the doorway to school life. Our educational programme strives to nurture the potential of children at this age.

We aim at the child as a whole : we offer broadly based learning opportunities in a bilingual context to foster the development of cognitive, socio-affective, motor, expressive skills and strategies.

Our teaching staff plan different activities which encompass the manageable level of challenge that children can face at each stage through games and problem solving activities to facilitate learning, activate prior knowledge and make sense out of  new situations .

Thus, at this age children are gradually exposed to different content areas such as Music, IT, Physical Education,  Technology, Arts and Swimmning.

As far as second language learning is concerned, English is learnt in a natural, pleasant way through games and motivating activities.

To guarantee the well-being of students, the Psychopedagogical  Department provides guidance to our teachers .

VDS Kindergaten is housed on a children-friendly building with bright, large classrooms fully equipped with the latest technology to motivate learning.


VDS fosters work, study and perseverance as fundamental to succeed in the teaching-learning process.

We are deeply convinced that success is achieved by constant work in the classrooms. Our school policy of permanent professional training in innovative education methodologies together with adequate resources and the latest technology enables our highly qualified teaching staff to stimulate pupils and promote their interest for the outside world.

Our school facilities provide pupils with state-of-the-art tools. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, a screen and a digital projector. Children have free and wide access to a library, which has a collection of titles both in English and in Spanish and a range of didactic materials. The I.T. Lab and interactive whiteboards also enrich the learning process. Our school also provides advisory support by a Psychopedagogical  Department

The school environment nurtures individual development, autonomy, critical thinking and sportsmanship and strives for the continual improvement in the quality of teaching and learning. We offer a first class bilingual education, whilst paying special attention to the formation and development of children´s characters through sports such as athletics, swimming, hockey and rugby.  Our rigorous education seeks to instill strong social and ethical values and character integrity to bring out the full potential of each one of our pupils and foster an integral development that allows them to grow and become part of the community as responsible global citizens.

To this end, our school delivers a curriculum of high standards. The Spanish curriculum is particularly aimed at fostering reading habits in our pupils. Classwork promotes the development of curriculum in the different areas: Language, Maths, Science, Music, Art and Technology (Lego Project). The English curriculum is designed so that our pupils not only become proficient users of the language, but also acquire academic knowledge in the field of Science, Computing, Literature, History and Literacy. Having proficient and avid bilingual readers is one of our goals. The exposure to quality reading material provides children with an invaluable opportunity to enrich their vocabulary, as well as being exposed to different literary styles. As from 3rd form they have Drama as a yearly special subject at the end of which an Annual Concert is held. Music also helps to enhance their vocabulary, fluency and mastery of the language.

The integrated curriculum we have developed fulfills the requirements of the Argentine system and adds the rigor of the London University and Cambridge University International Exams.

We combine a respect for tradition with a forward looking approach to education, offering the necessary framework that meets children´s several needs, in line with an integral education, in our mission to contribute towards a better world to embrace different cultures.


The Secondary School curriculum of Villa Devoto School aims to develop creative, inquiring and community- engaged young citizens with the ability not only to take a critical stance towards their immediate reality but also to identify opportunities to apply their acquired disciplinary knowledge and strategies for the service of society.

VDS endeavours to promote honesty, autonomy and solidarity as the core tenets of its Values Education programme which strives to engender respect for diversity and to foster personal and social responsibility in students.

Content-area departments, the Guidance Teacher and the Youth Service Learning programmes plus the Psychopedagogical  Department are just but a few resources which exemplify the scaffolding structure which effectively supports the learning processes of students in order to achieve the goals at each level.

Villa Devoto School also offers a specially devised school curriculum which meets the requirements of both national and international qualification frameworks. Just as the national statutory guidance documents outline, there is a foundation stage which comprises the first three years of Secondary School education. At the end of Senior III, VDS students have the chance to obtain the first international qualification: the International General Certificates for Secondary Education (IGCSE) issued by the University of Cambridge.

The second international qualification VDS offers is the International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) located in Switzerland. It crowns a challenging two-year course of studies which successfully acquaints the students with the academic demands of universities both at home and overseas.

The enhancement of language proficiency is also a goal of paramount importance since the level of development and refinement of the students’ skills in both Spanish as a mother tongue and English as a second language should be aligned with the aforementioned academic pursuits.

There is also a five-year French acquisition programme which enables students to use this language in everyday social exchanges and situations. Once again students at VDS may measure their progress by sitting the DELF exams at the Alliance Française in Buenos Aires.

Since Villa Devoto School is committed to a broadly-based education, students frequently participate in various artistic and scientific events which nurture their preparation for life beyond school.

As regards sporting activities, students take part in interschool tournaments in national and international venues. They have the chance to show their athletic abilities in football, hockey, volleyball and rugby events in teenage-friendly environments and in compliance with the principles of fair play.

VDSchool poses its Secondary School curriculum at the interface between tradition and innovation and considers collaborative work, ongoing professional development and values as the fundamental constituents of quality education.