Our School

To educate is to draw the future closer to the present; it is to open up a road to what lies ahead of us. This is the way in which it was seen by a group of British residents when, in 1908, founded Villa Devoto School in Villa Devoto Hall Church.

Born of two traditions, the British one and that of a prestigious place in Buenos Aires, Villa Devoto School has come a long way, not only characterized by its excellence and innovative effort, but also faithful to its motto: ESSE QUAM VIDERI, educating men and women imbued with the principles of honesty and loyalty, and integrated into the highest spiritual values of our nation and of the world’s culture.

Today, Villa Devoto School is a Non- profit Association, made up of respectable members who have played an important role in the history of the School and work ad honorem. This Association, through its Board of governors, monitors the policies implemented by the Heads to achieve the institutional goals according to today educational curriculum demands.