Historical Outline

Villa Devoto School started officially in 1908.  It was founded by a group of English immigrants who have settled in Villa Devoto.  At the beginning it was led by two English ladies, Alice Pope Ogan and Mary Sheaburn White.

In 1902 Villa Devoto Church Hall opened its doors and according to “The Standard”, a local newspaper, in October Villa Devoto School started its school year in its premises at 4232, Lacar St. (today José Luis Cantilo St.)  It is worth mentioning that there was no religious liaison between these two institutions. Some years later, Miss María Eufemia Torres, a graduate teacher, started teaching in Spanish.

According to the School records, Miss Ann Dey, a Scottish literature teacher who was the school owner in the thirties, became the Headmistress after Miss Ogan passed away.

In 1943 Villa Devoto School  was property of the British Community Council although it was the British Society who was in charge of supervising English schools in our country and offered scholarship to those students who needed it.

The school grew considerably and the British Society bought “Quinta Sati”, from Ben Gardom, at 4441, Pedro Morán Street where the building of the school was built.

After the Second World War, the British Society weakened and the Committee of Education ceased supervising English schools.

In 1955 Mrs. Kathleen Miles became the fundamental cornerstone of our school as its Head with the help of Jean Dalton.  During her administration the school population raised from 120 to 500 students.

Gradually Villa Devoto School started shaping the existence of a Board of Governance, which in 1965 came to be a Non-profit Organization.  During the Malvinas conflict, the English members resigned and since then it has been made up only of Argentine citizens.  All of them are respectable people who have played an important role in the history of the school and work ad honorem.

It was not until July 14th, 1982 that, Mr. Aldo Preda, became the first Argentine former student to become president of Villa Devoto School Board.