Form VII – Poetry and writing

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7th Forms have been working on poetry. They’ve read the poem “York’s School Report” and worked on media transfer. Some of them have chosen from these activities:

a- Writing a letter: the teacher writes a letter to york’s mum to tell her about york’s learning problems at school  and the marks he’ll get in the next term report card.

b- Add one or two  new stanzas to the poem. You will have to think of a new learning problem that the old duke of York had.

These are some of the pieces of work they wrote,


Dear Mrs York,

         This letter is just to inform you about Tom York’s performance at school.

          He isn’t doing things well at all. I think that he doesn’t care about school because he doesn’t hand in the homework on time. He is not going to pass the next term.

          I’m going to tell you about his marks:

MATHS: 3                                                        HISTORY: 5

ORAL: 4                                                   COMPREHENSION: 2

USE OF ENGLISH: 5                              FINAL MARK: 4



           If he continues with these marks, he will repeat the year, so I think that he needs some kind of private tuition.

           Thanks you for your attention.

                                     Yours sincerely, 

                                                                          Miss Aixa Jorge

Poem 1:

  • The old Duke got upset,

       And decided to have a pet.

       He didn’t let her go outside,

       But one day she could escape to the east side.

  • He didn’t see her never again,

       So he spent many days in pain.

       When he recovered,

       He went to Bora Bora for the summer.

By: Vicky Franceschini

Poem 2:

Poor Grand Old Duke

He couldn´t write a haiku
even if he tried
he still made it rhyme
He couldn´t make illustrations
As he didn´t have any imagination
when he thought about drawing a sheep
he immediately fell asleep
By Mateo Klos

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